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A beat up sign that says, “Suit sale, half price” with an arrow pointing toward an outdoor clothing rack
A beat up sign that says, “Suit sale, half price” with an arrow pointing toward an outdoor clothing rack
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Here’s the problem: you don’t know how to sell. Even worse, you hate selling. It feels sleazy and icky. If we’re honest, you wouldn’t buy from someone like you either.

I know the feeling. Although I don’t sell stuff for a living, I am a creator. I want to sell you something I made, something I believe in, something that can positively impact your life — even if all you’re paying are five minutes to read this article.

That’s why I set out to learn how to sell. …

Even if you’re tired, poor, or crippled. Or all three

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A push, a bang, a crack, followed by sharp, intense pain. The kind of pain you only feel when a bone breaks. That’s how I began my vacation.

This was the only week off in six months. I had a head full of plans and a list full of things to get done. All shattered in the blink of an eye. Rage, exasperation, frustration — they all hurt more than a broken foot. But I won’t let a broken foot stand in my way, I thought.

Stories about negotiation skills, life-changing questions, and traumatic experiences

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Welcome to another session of literary gem mining. This is the Medium Medley — the only mining operation where you’re guaranteed to find a hidden treasure.

So grab your pickaxe, put on your headlamps, and jump in the bandwagon. We’ve got a rough ride ahead of us, filled with rattling experiences and back-breaking baggage.

So hold on tight, ’cause after you read through these 5 pieces you’re guaranteed see the world differently.

Brian Pennie has written a great article about asking the right questions. I’ve read it while on vacation, then immediately spent an hour on the balcony applying his…

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They say third time’s a charm. They also claim three’s a crowd. And some people, who are three bricks shy of a load, believe that after the third strike you’re qualified to become three sheets in the wind.

But you’re not some people.

You’re a reader of the Medium Medley. Which means you’re different.

You’re curious, resilient, and well-read. You want to know more, feel more, and write more. The words moderate, impartial, and vanilla don’t suit you.

And you’re most certainly not fond of long introductions. So let’s get going.

Jessica Wildfire, one of my favorite writers on Medium

Find the first step, write it down, set a timer, and go

Put in the work and stop procrastinating
Put in the work and stop procrastinating
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Start doing what?

Oh, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Talking yourself out of it won’t work — not this time. You can’t bullshit a master bullshitter.

Yep, you read that right. I’m just as guilty of this as you are. Hell, if I was a comic book villain I would have a huge hat with bright red letters saying Lord Procrastinator.

Underneath that giant hat lies a brain so advanced and sophisticated that it found a way to procrastinate without feeling guilt. It’s called planning and researching.

Every time I want to start working on a daunting task…

Remember these six things to bounce back faster after a big failure

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I still remember it clearly. I can’t say what day or month it was, but I can tell you exactly how it felt: like swallowing a huge rock. Like having a heavyweight in my stomach pulling me towards a deep dark hole.

I felt like a failure.

Here I was, 1,600 km away from family and friends, staring at the floor of a cold subway station. My lifelong dream shattered, with no backup plan, and only one thought on my mind. I have failed.

How could this happen? How was it even possible?

Ever since kindergarten, I’ve always achieved whatever…

What I forgot growing up in a family of high-performing intellectuals

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It took me over 30 years to be able to write this.

I first wrote it in my journal, timidly scribbling the words. Although I knew nobody would ever see them, I cringed a bit while my pen went over the page.

But after jotting down these 4 words, I felt incredible relief flowing through my body. Never had I imagined that so much liberation and inner calmness could come from just one sentence.

There, I’ve said it. And you know what? I’m damn glad I did!

That’s why I’m writing this article. My bet is that you need to…

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This week was a tough one. When I started the Medium Medley I knew it would be hard to pick only 5 out of all the stories I read in a week. But not this hard.

The second edition of the Medium Medley contains a wild mix of stories, from ones that made my heart all mushy, to ones that significantly improved my productivity. Some will make you cry, some will make you view the world with different eyes, but they all have one thing in common.

These stories will make you think

And if you read enough of them…

Modified after an image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

Medium’s algorithm has been getting a lot of flack lately — and maybe rightly so. Some say it favors in-house publications. Others claim that it discourages the small writers. And many complain the curation process is biased.

I’m not here to judge. I’m here to offer an alternative.

What is the Medium Medley?

You can think of it as an art collection. It’s a highly subjective assortment of the best pieces of writing I come across every week.

You can also think of it as the democratization of Medium. It’s a place where claps, views, or author names play no role. …

Photo by Bryan Minear on Unsplash

Welcome to the first edition of the Medium Medley!

This week I found some awesome stories about fulfillment, motivation, and the result of a night with too many drinks. Here are this week’s gems:

Tim Denning writes about the essential difference between achievement and fulfillment. I’ve bookmarked this one and will surely reread it in the future.

An incredibly fun, effective, and low-tech habit tracking method described by Michal Korzonek. You will be surprised by how drawing a few squares and symbols every day can change your life.

Niklas Göke explains why the boredom we often feel is actually an…

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