TL;DR — I documented the steps that helped me set up my own rendering powerhouse on Google Compute Engine and produce over a dozen 20-megapixel interior renders in less than an hour. For free.

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The Backstory

So here’s my quick intro. About two months ago, I started 3D modeling with Blender. In order to build a handful of beginner-level models, my current workhorse of a laptop, 2018 Dell XPS 15 with an NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti, was more than sufficient.

As I’ve graduated to more complex models with high-res textures and intricate materials, my rendering times increased drastically. So much so that I spent most of the day just waiting for the renders to finish. If I was going to get serious with 3D design, I needed something much more powerful than my XPS, but I’m no Rockefeller and was not about to dish out $2k on a high-end GPU. …

Seems doable right?

If you’re anything like me then settling in for the nine to five (read: seven to seven) grind five, six or even seven days a week until the sweet release of retirement just doesn’t cut it for you. Of course not! Ok good, now that we’re on the same page, let’s start cranking out a game plan.

What’s the point? Well if you have to ask, maybe this post isn’t for you… but feel free to keep reading anyway. …


Bogdan Trach

Photographer & 3D artist. Owner of https://Supertall.Media — I write periodically on marketing, personal projects, and side-hustles.

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