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Kencoin is an industry-specific cryptocurrency, targeting the adult entertainment sector. Their mission is to serve as the standard currency for anonymous, safe transactions in all sex and dating-related purchases. Users’ desire to preserve absolute privacy creates major hurdles for businesses in the adult sector. Many prospective customers visit websites that fulfill their fantasies, only to drop out of the signup/payment process at the moment the website asks for personal or financial details. Thus, owners of adult websites lose a significant amount of business every day, simply because their users lack a safe, anonymous way to pay for the content they want. Kencoin solves this problem in one stroke, with a completely anonymous cryptocurrency that leverages blockchain technology to provide users with anonymity, privacy and secured transactions, while delivering previously unreachable alpha to adult industry merchants. Large technological giants made their huge fortunes by selling data of their users. Private life has become public, and world citizens lose their basic right to privacy. With the growth of threats to national security, governments began to create extensive information networks, spying on citizens. When it becomes generally accepted, private life becomes impossible for people. People use incognito mode during use and avoid providing any personal information on adult websites. This has become a serious problem for those who own this business, as people are reluctant to buy through PayPal or a credit card, for fear that personal data will become publicly available to others.
Kencoin solves these problems. A fully autonomous crypto currency that makes all purchases for adults and home entertainment completely safe, as well as completely private, giving customers access to adult content without the need to directly disclose exclusive details. It guarantees users 100% anonymity, security and protection, that is, no personal data is ever transmitted between the user and the service provider. Unlike Bitcoin, which is universal and can be used for any vertical, Kencoin is specific to the industry and processed in the industry for its community members.

Kencoin Protocol
Kencoin was created as a self-managed currency using Bkockchain technology, which can provide anonymity to customers, satisfaction, personal confidentiality, as well as secure transactions.

Kencoin Rating

ICObazaar experts have given Kencoin B rating with 2.5 score.

Our ICO rating evaluates the overall quality and viability of the product, team, and technical implementation behind. It is calculated with a weight-adjusted formula with five factors and a separate industry expert score. Each factor evaluates an aspect of the project and its weight is related to its importance, which was determined by blockchain and finance professionals. Our rating methodology.

Each factor evaluation:

  • Site: 2.5
  • Team: 2.5
  • Project idea and whitepaper: 2.5
  • Technology: 2.5
  • Media: 2.5
  • Users: 0.0

Why Kencoin?
Complete anonymity, backed up by Blockchain technology and the use of Smart Contracts. Kencoin guarantees its users full privacy, typical for the entertainment industry for adults.
Marketing. Kencoin cooperates with the leaders of the entertainment industry for adults and provides them with incentives in the form of a digital currency Kencoin, which users of these sites can use to pay for various services.
Advantage for users. Kencoin gives a significant discount of 20% for users who make purchases on partner platforms using Kencoin.
Stable cash flow. Users buy Kencoins for use in traditional environments that provide a steady flow of cash that ensures that exchange rates do not collapse.
Payment options. Merchants can receive payments directly through linked applications, and Kencoins can also be used in a physical location, expanding the reach of the currency.
Very low or totally absent fees. One of the advantages of using digital currencies is that transaction costs are sharply reduced compared to more traditional ways. Admission and storage of Kencoins is free, a small fee can be applied for transactions from the user to the service provider.
Kencoin eliminates the problem of return payments for the seller, protecting all payments through its network. This is a great incentive for providers to join the project, which will help to diversify it.
Full check. In Kencoin, the kernel is responsible for securing each transaction and is blocked. This increases the security of the platform, and also prevents attacks from fraudsters and banking organizations.
Use offline. Through the user’s mobile wallet, Kencoin will be taken in certain places. This will ensure exactly the same anonymity, as if the user were on the network.

Kencoin is the solution.
This fully anonymous cryptocurrency makes adult entertainment transactions safe, secure, and completely private. With just a click, Kencoin users can pay for access to the adult content they seek, without risk of exposure or disclosure of any personal details. The days of lost business due to privacy concerns are over — now that Kencoin is here. There’s already Bitcoin… so why do we need Kencoin?

Kencoin, on the other hand, is industry-specific. Its purpose is to be constantly marketed to all partner and merchants in the adult entertainment sector, as well as their consumers. As a result, Kencoin will be recycled through the industry, creating wealth for industry service providers. By encouraging the ownership and use of Kencoin to customers worldwide, the adult industry will create a reservoir of Kencoin wealth that is bound to come flowing back to the industry itself. The Kencoin marketing team, with their vast experience in the online gaming industry, have already started working to propagate Kencoin adoption among to a large network of online and offline merchants, including content and merchandise providers, by demonstrating the benefits of transactioning with Kencoin for merchants and clients alike. Feedback from early adopters and partners has been extremely positive, and we foresee broid and exponential adoption accross the industry.


- Full anonymity
- No Risk of “Charge-backs
- Usable in the physical world
- Little to No Fees
- Full Validation

Digital currency of Kencoin
The digital currency of Kencoin is built on the basis of Blockchain from Ethereum and can be stored in Ethereum wallets until it is used. They can be used anonymously and can be purchased in the form of Bitcoin or any other digital currency. Using the unchangeable and irreversible methodology of accounting for Blockchain technology, merchants can be sure that they have paid for any service provided.

Expendable Wallet
Based on the Ethereum wallet, it is designed to simplify transactions when shopping in a stand-alone environment. This wallet also allows users to store their Kencoins both offline and online.

Shopping purse
A purse used by traders and sellers. It serves two main purposes.

Acts as a purse for spending, allowing sellers to receive Kencoins offline and online, create wallets with multiple signatures.
Continually develop in accordance with the needs of the supplier and with changing markets.
Trading wallets return Kencoins alive and immediately inform merchants, unlike others, which take up to 45 minutes. The partnership with the leading exchange allowed traders to convert their Kencoins into any other currency, providing liquidity and risk insurance.
All Kencoin partners can use a special centralized gateway that offers Kencoin as a payment method. Users can get Kencoin directly using Bitcoin, credit cards without leaving the site.
The goal is to create a scalable, secure and easy-to-use platform.

Token Details



The adult industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that has existed for several decades. As it grew, certain problems arose. For example, users on current platforms do not feel secure, sharing their data in public networks. With Kencoin, they can remain anonymous when viewing content for adults.
You can get new acquaintances and services on Kencoin. Through the coin transaction, users can participate in the social network for adults.
In general, the project has a good idea. I believe that the implementation will not take long.

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