Vibeo Ratings by Crypto Standard ICO project

Vibeo Ratings by Crypto Standard

A CryptoStandard Score of 5.9 and a Negative+ outlook are assigned to Vibeo (ICO starts on 19 March 2018).

Despite its strong composition of team members and advisors, the idea presented by VIbeo lacks originality. Our team sees Vibeo as nothing more than an ordinary app combining major features of several mainstream social networking apps. As a result, the competitiveness of Vibeo is very low. Therefore, a Negative+ outlook is assigned to Vibeo.

Vibeo is a social networking application which offers a payment system and communication channel using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. It has a highlight feature of an interactive map, allowing different add-ons and services provided by merchants.

The analysis is based on our rigorous CryptoStandard Score model which is supported by over 80 parameters. The distribution of the score and the explanation are shown below:

Vibeo CryptoStandard score distribution

As a result of the increased global use of smartphones, which has surpassed the use of the conventional desktop and continues to increase, an increasing number of highly public social media networks are moving to private micro-networks to carry out their day-to-day communication. This group of people have adopted messengers as a primary means of digital communication, and with this increasing adoption comes the potential of making messaging platforms the novel portals to economic transactions.

Vibeo’s Customer Acquisition Strategy

The major competitors to the Vibeo mobile application are some of the top instant messaging applications on the global market. They are WeChat, WhatsApp, and Snap Chat. But all of these applications have some major weaknesses. For example in the WeChat app a major problem is a closed-source, proprietary app which is subject to security risks, coercion and corruption as a result of its lack of a decentralized architecture. Other globally leading messaging platforms have not embraced the blockchain economy. That is why Vibeo’s aim is to mitigate the current inherent deficiencies of instant messaging apps by building a mobile messaging application that gives access to a Worldwide blockchain economy and community.

Our team has gone beyond the known marketing strategies, in order to create a campaign, that would set Vibeo apart from the competition, making it easier for new users to be part of this innovation. Here’s our plan on how we’re going to accomplish that.

1. Word of Mouth Marketing
We believe, that “turning” our customers into brand representatives is the best strategy for organically grow our following. Vibeo does this by providing its users with unique features — like Timeline (mini blog), sharing your trip with chosen contacts, an interactive map where you’ll be able to find other Vibeo users and registered merchants, from which you’ll be able to purchase goods with the Vibeo’s Wallet — all with crypto currencies. By creating a platform with more to offer than its competitors, Vibeo makes it easier for companies and individuals to connect online; and as more people see just how much value Vibeo brings to the messaging industry, they’ll want to share this innovative technology with their friends and family.

2. Tokenization — The Loyalty & Gamification
Gamification techniques will be employed to develop loyalty, which
will in turn contribute to the growth of the ecosystem. As Vibeo
members increase their involvement inside the ecosystem, it is
important that the platform reflects these contributions appropriately
by awarding bonuses and gifts to the top members. Using this form of
incentive, Vibeo is demonstrating the importance of extended
contribution to the ecosystem. Every member of the community will
be presented with milestone routes that describe the path of an
outstanding contributor, as these milestones are reached through
interaction inside the community, Vibeo will give out certain rewards
for each of these achievements.

Here are some example milestones of how the system will work:
- Milestone for referring a number of members to the ecosystem.
Each user that brings friends, colleagues and family members to
download Vibeo and confirm their phone number by
registering, will receive VBEO token as reward. Users will earn 1
VBEO token every time they refer another member. The
referred member will also get 1 VBEO token.
- Milestone for very active user in the ecosystem. Each user that
is actively using Vibeo app (chatting daily and making blog post
regularly) will be rewarded by the Vibeo management. We will
be able to see daily activity from our database. For example a
very active user might be able to regularly get up to 100 VBEO
- Milestone to suggest ideas/features that will be chosen and
added to next version of Vibeo app. If one of the user
suggestion has been chosen, user will get up to 100 VBEO token.
- Milestone to refer a merchant/service. Each user that refer a
new merchant to download our API and register his
offer/service into the Vibeo interactive map will get a special
bonus of 5000 VBEO token.
- In special occasion we could also offer ETH to our active
members, for example we plan to do contests/polls and events.

3. Taking it to the universities
Our team’s vision is to have a student as a Vibeo representative in every college or university. This student will promote our messaging platform to everyone in his campus and beyond. Thus generating a steady stream of new users, who will act as representatives themselves. This method will be as a viral referral engine system — the more users you bring, the more you could earn. Using this method we want to copy the Facebook model and how it grew and spread from universities.

4. Organizing and sponsoring events
Users of our community will be able to submit their ideas for events and contests. Vibeo will sift trough all the submissions and will sponsor the best ideas. This will generate exposure and will bring more and more people not only seeing Vibeo’s potential as a messaging application, but also as a way to make your idea come to live. 
Supporting new ideas and investing into events will be a way to popularize Vibeo as a great way to communicate with others, but also to express yourself and get credit for your idea.

5. Influencers and Stars
The power of the current social media networks is not to be underestimated. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn combined, have billions of users, that live and breath with their social accounts. Here come the influencers and social media stars, that have hundreds-of-thousand of followers. Collaborating with these social gurus will bring enormous attention to the innovation that Vibeo is.

The innovation in messaging apps

Vibeo makes it easier for people to stay connected by providing services to friends, family, businesses, and customers. More than just a messenger service, Vibeo is an all-inclusive messaging eco-sphere that integrates online shopping, social media, and messaging into one, easy-to-use app.

The idea of Vibeo is to create an extremely convenient app, serving as social media as well as payment gateways, making itself comprehensive. However, our team believes that incorporating cryptocurrency payment into a social media app does not help differentiate Vibeo from other social networking giants. The size of users is crucial to a social network’s success, but as the number of current active users in cryptocurrency is still limited, providing a payment gateway on a social media platform for cryptocurrency purposes may not gain significant traction in a short period of time.

Vibeo fails to convince our team on how they will compete with other competitors. The current social media industry is extremely saturated with companies such as Facebook and SnapChat. On top of that, companies such as WeChat have already developed reputable social media platforms with their own payment gateways. Taking WeChat as an example, they have already gained a huge proportion of the market share in Asia. So with that in our minds, we are unable to determine the comparative advantage of Vibeo, which adversely affects its competitiveness.

The details of the ICO are clear and transparent. Our team also believes that the token distribution and the lock-up period of the team are reasonable.

The team is diverse and strong. It consists of members from business, technology and marketing backgrounds. Despite the lack of technology advisors, other advisors have strong business and ICO related experiences.

The community momentum is weak with a limited number of people following their Telegram group or Twitter page. For Telegram, they only have slightly more than 2,000 members. And there is only 800 followers for their Twitter.

Vibeo uses a wide range of marketing channels to promote its ICO, including social media and rating sites in particular.

Our team has checked all the documents of Vibeo, including the white paper, founders’ information and webpage. They are sufficient and consistent. However, only one language is provided for most materials.

Some financial information is given. However, Vibeo should provide more explanation and justification to make their projections and assumptions reasonable.

The MVP has been produced at this stage. The MVP is not built on blockchain, making it hard to be further assessed. The blockchain-empowered platform is set to be ready by September, which is 6 months after the crowdsale.

The idea itself has no legal or ethical issues. However, our team believes that the existing competitors such as WeChat and the lack of comparative advantages will be a major hurdle for the team to overcome. The features proposed by Vibeo are not unique, making it very hard to attract users. This is particularly true in the social networking industry where the switching cost is significant due to network effects.

Angelina is the Founder of Anagami Accounting & Consulting, Business Consultant and Corporate Trainer. The company provides accounting, payroll, legal and business consulting services to clients based in Bulgaria. Angelina has experience in various fields in the accounting industry and specializes in tax advisory, company creation process, value creation process, managerial accounting and strategic business decisions, accounting software development.

Kalin is a high skilled business owner. He is a blockchain enthusiast and actually Chief Executive Officer at Navigato, which is a platform that offers unique addresses and navigation based on W3W service. He is also an ICO Technology Advisor at The Open Source University. He serves on the board of several mobile application development companies.

Token Matrix:

Token — VBEO
Total Supply — 950 Million VBEO
Price — 0.0001 ETH
Soft Cap — 2000ETH
Hard Cap — 40,000ETH
Pre-Sale — 18th September to 2nd October 2018
Crowd Sale — 2nd to 31st October 2018


• This project has good reach on it Telegram group. It has around 12,000+ members on telegram.
• The team behind this project has experience in fields such as finance, accounting, software development, blockchain, marketing, social media, etc.
• There are seven advisors for this project having different backgrounds such as ICO, blockchain, banking, marketing, etc. The advisors have previously worked in companies like Microsoft, PayPal, Bloomberg, INSEAD, Airbus etc.
• The third version of Vibeo iOS and Android app is available on the Google play store and Apple store.
• The project has partnered with gotaki, Blockchain founder fund, Navigato, Latoken and COINEXIS.

• The project has low hype on other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.
• The Vibeo app has only 100+ installs which shows that it has low reach.

ANN Thread:

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