Organic Channel Feels Better With Paid Campaigns On Board

About 80% of marketing efforts is directed to traffic buying. Paid advertising not only helps in attracting a required audience, but increases the overall visibility of app in the store. High position in the TOP list means organic traffic, which usually bring users with the highest LTV — these users who have discovered the app and decided to download without incentive.

The fact is that more than 85% of global app installs are organic. Allocation by key countries and platforms is below:

90% is a huge number, but it absolutely doesn’t mean that paid user acquisition is useless and have no sense. Exactly a paid campaigns significantly affect organic and many of app developers confirm it. A survey made by VentureBeat reported that 85% of them said that paid user acquisition efforts benefit their organic user acquisition efforts, with 32.5% saying that it helps significantly.

Paid app install campaigns boosts two specific metrics that impact an app’s Top charts and search rankings: total downloads and download velocity. When you run a paid campaign, the boost to both these metrics increases the app’s ranking in the Top Charts and search, which leads to greater visibility and more organic downloads.

According to the market research from Trademob, each purchased app install generates on average 1 additional organic install during the first three days of the boost. This year Tune went further with their research, not only predicting the number of organic installs during the paid campaigns but also revealing the difference in results for specific app per category. Their research says that on average for every paid install, apps and games get about 1.5 additional organic installs.

But here is the difference: while entertainment apps — mostly news-style apps — don’t have much of an organic uplift, games, lifestyle, and social apps see significant boosts. No wonder that social games and apps can expect for the most significant organic boost during and after completing a paid campaign: if you installed a game after clicking on an ad, and you really like this title, you likely spread a word to your friends and make them join you for a multiplayer experience.

The social games can get much more than an average 1,5 organic installs were mentioned before. On Android, transportation apps see the highest boost to organic installs for each paid install, at 16.6 times. Transportation apps were followed by racing games and word games, which receive boosts of 13.3 times and 7.2 times, respectively. On iOS, games see the largest boost to organic installs for each paid install, at 5.4 times. Lifestyle apps and social networking apps came in second and third, with boosts of 5.2 times and 4.8 times, respectively. But the transportation apps like Uber and Gett are definitely viral champs with 17 extra organic installs for every paid install.

Mobile games market is actively working with influencers at the moment. We have already been written about cooperation with influencers, where we emphasized the perspectives of this direction and main niceties while working with it. We only note that expected organic growth on average is estimated of 1,8–2 organic installs for each paid download, which is definitely should be taken into account while Influencer campaign planning.


The biggest sharks of the mobile game market are able to get a tremendous number of organic installs while the average user acquisition cost for them goes down. And it’s possible due to the high visibility of their titles. Leaders of the top charts literally skimming the cream off: apps ranked in the Top 10 getting about 86% of all downloads in the app stores. And mostly, these installs comes at no additional cost for the publisher. Let’s say: first you are working for installs, and then installs is working for you. That is a reason why a million budgets for paid campaigns, in this case, make a sense and bring even more non-paid players.

But getting to the Top is not the principal advantage of paid UA. Paid advertising allows absolutely any app at absolutely any period of time after release to boost their growth and get a right audience. The key is to put concrete goals and tasks in front of you, while the right partners will help you achieve. If you’d like one of our managers to take a look at your app or game and make some recommendations about traffic opportunities, feel free to contact us right away!