Desire Poetry #9

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I have an image of your chest 
Let me play some chess 
My hands and lips
Against your breasts 
I guess we have one chance
All in, no games 
There is no win
Until the window breaks 
Shattered by the queen 
In the hands of the king

I have an image of your hips
Let me give you some tips 
Maybe touch them with my lips
Follow the lines above
Or below, I don’t know
Now I am in… between…
I don’t bet, no gamble love
Only win, when squeezed 
I am out of breath

I have an image of your thighs
Let me say some things
I will, want, do, done, did
Present, future, past 
Everything will last 
As I said I laid next 
Start writing a text 
About a mysterious place
Only found by the worthy 
I worked hard truly 
All the curves I travelled 
To discover the wonders 
Of a simple touch 
With the right pressure 
I release the tension

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