Ways to Spot a Good Token Offering.

The first four months of 2018 have been more successful for token offerings compared to all of the entire year before. With some statistics exclaiming that 99% of ICOs will fail, how are token investors supposed to identify which projects they can trust? Are you putting your money into the new face of the third web, or a bunch of hackers who will run up the price of the token only to let it crash and never be seen or heard from again?

As those questions percolate, this guide can serve as a reference point for how to identify some…

Questions have been surfacing recently about whether security tokens will scale upwards in 2018, an issues in the blockchain that many view differently.

Last week, the CEO of StartEngine began the second annual ICO 2.0 Summit by pleading for regulation on behalf of the definition of “security” tokens. He told the crowd that valuable security tokens are coming, but in the meantime, regulators need to understand that not all tokens are security tokens.

Security Tokens Developments

His message is one of the myriad of opinions offered on the regulatory status of security tokens for both the USA and around the world. As blockchain…

While acting as an ICO adviser I face a lot of questions with regards to the ICO process. There are more projects each day and more people are entering the space who are totally new to crypto and are attracted by the high amounts of raised money reported by media. I realized that it is a good time to write down the steps of ICO execution and addressing the common topics and issues faced when starting an ICO. …

  1. Many companies launch utility tokens due to lack of clear regulations in regards to security tokens. However relatively large number of those tokens don’t make any sense and at best their utility functions are very weak.
  2. Utility tokens are much easier to launch than security tokens because they are not regulated. ICO company can do online marketing and offer their tokens to non-accredited investors and retail investors. They do not have to incur the heavy expenses typically associated with regulatory compliance.
  3. But this is all changing now. Year 2018 will be the year of security tokens.

Last month I went…


In this article I would like to challenge common understanding of Utility Tokens.

I believe that this term is overrated and misleading and it is creating lots of confusion and it will harm many investors and ICOs in the future.

Being a Solidity Ethereum developer I’m frequently contacted for smart contract development.

For the last 6 months most requests for my services are in the area of crowdfunding contracts and ERC20 token contracts.

While working on the technical ends of the ICO preparation, I’m also participating in other meetings related to fundraising concepts, tuning whitepaper, finding strategic partners, building the…

Bogdan Fiedur

President of blockchainexperts.io . Full stack developer and entrepreneur. Involved in “Smart Contract” design and implementation for Ethereum using Solidity

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