DEEP-AERO — Assisting the development of drone technology to perform tasks

Introducing the usage of the Drones

  • Aerial Survey
  • Package Delivery
  • Aerial Transportation
  • Photography and film making
  • Pinpoint pesticide delivery
  • Forest fire fighting assistance
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Underground sewer,power, utility, maintenance and safety inspection
  • Hign-rise commercial building maintenance and safety inspection
  • Security and surveillance
  • Pipeline survey, security. management and maintenance
  • Crowd control/management
  • Livestock/range management
  • Power line maintenance and safety inspection
  • Wind turbine maintenance and safety inspection
  • Wildlife conservation

Lets understand better the vision of the project DEEP-AERO



If you are interested to find out more about DEEP-AERO you can find more information at the following locations:

DEEP-AERO Website:

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