Startup Challange

Find enough time for your side project might be challenging.

Especially if you just started, you the only person who is doing it and you have a full-time job. Exactly my case.

My side project is a Chrome extension called UX Unicorns Club.

It’s already a few months since I start to work on it and I feel like I’m losing motivation. Ye, sometimes doing your startup might be frustrating even if you love what you do :)

So to give myself a small push and extra motivation I decide to start this blog and make a challenge. A startup challenge!

Startup Challenge key points:

  • Time limit — 365 days starting from 17 Sep (launch date)
  • Get 100 000 active users. Currently 489 users (7 Nov)
  • Get profitable
  • Earn more than I spent on marketing and developers
  • Learn something in a process


In this blog, I will try to describe all my decision and working process from start to finish. New posts will be released once in a week or so.

Wish me luck and join me on this journey! :)