Our universe is not real — so what?
Maxim Roubintchik

Thanks for this somehow entertaining piece. Since it is at least semi-serious let me respond. Information is fascinating and a very fuzzy term.

1- “Sooner or later (rather sooner) we will have the power to simulate the basic physical forces and thus create a virtual universe. (My guess: maximum 50 years, but don’t nail me on this one).

Working in the area of quantum information theory I don’t share your optimism… is it optimism? IMO we have no clue what it would mean to simulate a universe.

2- “As long as information exists, which is the basic foundation for any intelligence that is capable of simulating a universe, you are a real being.” Information is not a thing you can put into as vessel. Whether a simulation is about a universe, a bowl of noodles or a computer game depends irreducibly on those simulating.

3- You say that the probability we are simulated is close to 1. What if the probability that there is intelligent life (in any universe) is close to 0? In my opinion it is quite useless to assign probabilities to events that encompass (alomst) everything… it is far beyond our capacity to assign any useful probababilities in such cases.

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