The Resignation of Uber’s Kalanick and What It Means

The significance​ of the removal of Travis Kalanick is the fact that it is a symptom of the deeply sick state of affairs of modern Western culture.

“How dare they not use minorities in their marketing photos?”

What a dystopian thought it is that if one refuses to bend to the will of Cultural Marxists, one will be made to pay with blood. This is a clear warning sign — if you or your company deigns to do anything that is against the prevailing PC culture, then you’ll be crucified. It’s important to remember that there are worlds that exist outside of the individual bubbles that we live in.

As much as SJWs and their ilk do command concerning influence in today’s world — it is important to remember that there are those on the opposing side too — the lesson that Pepsi was taught by their awful marketing campaign, the lessons of Kellogg’s and the boycott that they endured, and so on.

People should be hired on merit — not because of their gender or other irrelevant factors. People are to be rewarded for having value and utility to their respective companies — not for fulfilling ludicrous diversity quotas.

Identity politics come in both right and left wing varieties and both are indubitably destructive to the progress of our society.

If we continue to reward people for extrinsic and irrelevant properties, and not based on their merit, we will continue our slide backwards. The loss of Kalanick is a tragedy and is a significant stumble further into dysfunction — pray we do not regress further. Appeasing the hysteria of the radical left and their screeches of ‘sexism’ hurts us all. Punishing people for thought crimes is wrong. Punishing success is wrong.

What has happened is a signifier of the terrible trend of rewarding whining leeches and punishing the most successful contributors. If we allow it to continue, I don’t want to imagine where we will end up in our ingratiating trend of bending over backwards in an attempt to appease the screaming crybullies of our modern age.

It is vital to remember that the supremacy of the Western world has been built on hard work and effort — and the rewards for those things, distributed democratically. The reversal of that trend and the new policy of punishing people who refuse to bend to the identitarian politics that are becoming the new status-quo is deeply worrying and antithetic to progress.

The achievements of a person are objective — no matter who accomplishes them. An achievement is not made more significant whether a man, a woman, or an attack helicopter are responsible for them. Conversely, a lack of a penis is not a virtue. A minority status is not cause enough for you to get special benefits. We all can play identity politics — but the best of us do not. Succeed on the basis of your talents and skills, not because of the various excuses you can dream up to explain away your own failures.

All people are responsible for themselves and for all things that happen to them. If you have failed to succeed — that is your responsibility and your fault — and it is NOT symptomatic of ‘racism’, ‘sexism’, nor any other buzzword you can dream up.

Man, woman, straight, or homosexual — if you want to succeed, you work towards it and you do. If you fail to do so — that is on you and so you must keep striving and pushing for it if that is what you want. These are the principles that the Western world was built on and the principles that made it the First World.

Blaming others for one’s own lack of success is not conducive to progress. We got where we did because of our ancestors’ refusal to submit and bow. Let us not forget that now.