Harry’s shaving — not good enough.

I am a long-time shaving enthusiast. It is not that I particularly enjoy the process — my sensitive skin and extremely thick hair requires a certain effort. Over the years, I have tried myriads of shaving tools and products. Recently I saw an ad (I do not normally see ads — no TV, adblocking etc., but I actively read advertising-related blogs) about Harry’s shaving tools. The ad was okay, the story it told was good, so I decided to try it — because, why not.

Now a word about my current process. I shave around twice a week (and sometimes use a hair trimmer instead). I only shave in a hot shower, after washing my hair, so my skin gets hot and moist.

First, I wash my face using the shampoo for my head and use my Foreo Luna (for men). Then I apply Malin+Goetz shaving cream and use a Dorco 6- or 7-blade razor, it usually takes me 2–3 passes to do a clean shave. After drying my face, and feeling it needs soothing (sometimes immediately, sometimes after ~10–15 minutes) I apply Acca Cappa White Moss after-shave emulsion. Sometimes I repeat the last step after half an hour if the burn is especially bad.

Introducing Harry’s. I purchased a lot of stuff to try:

  • A handle
  • 19 blades
  • A stand for the handle
  • Shaving cream
  • After-shave balm
  • Daily face lotion
  • Lip balm

..because why not, right?

Without changing my process, I just replaced every product with Harry’s. First impression: the shaving cream is way too thick. Second impression: I felt burn on my cheeks while shaving! This was new and extremely alarming. Still, I completed the procedure. The results:

  1. Horrible quality of shave, lots of facial hair left
  2. Burn everywhere
  3. After-shave says ‘no alcohol’ but clearly has some (a big no-no for my skin)

Next time I decided to use my shaving cream, but everything else by Harry’s. A little less burn while shaving, everything else just as bad.

Next time I decided to use all Harry’s products and my trusty Dorco blade. A vast improvement, but even the non-essential products but Harry’s are not very good.

Now you might suggest that I am comparing apples to oranges. Obviously, Malin+Goetz and Acca Kappa are in a different league. However, Dorco blades are actually cheaper! And — so much better.

An epic fail for an ‘artisan’ blade manufacturer.

P.S. I did provide feedback.

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