Bruce Gavin Ward
Nov 6, 2017 · 1 min read

A point generally being missed (a la toothFaery) is that evolution, which appeared to have stalled, has just caught a new breath and is exploding forward toward replacing biology with AgenI [artificial general intelligence]. If this can take place before the forced end of bioCivilization which is required to fund, support, and impliment it; then all the dire warnings and anguish of “the end of life as we know it (or thought we did”) will mean nothing, as AgenI requires no huge supply of energy as it will neither travel, it may indeed be only “one”, nor eat (not traditional foods - at least, not in any quantity), nor require environmental controls to survive; and any thing it does need it will be more than capable to think out and obtain with great efficiency.

And, oh yes, it won’t need “us”!