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Homepage of the app

With full of excitement, I started my first prototype about interaction design. Here, I want to summarize what I have done on this project. For this project, I choose to design an APP for smart phone that can scientists to collect data about noise. I think this might be useful because nowadays people are heavily distracted when working or studying in a noisy place. By using this app, it will help scientists to improve the noise problem.

the overall review of work

This app is centered on its homepage, which shown on the left side. By tapping different icons, user will be navigated to different functions which this app can provide. They are comment page, record page, ranking page and uploading photo page. The most important function for data collection is recording page which can collect decibel for a place, while other functions will motivate user to communicate with others. These other functions are also useful because if there is only a record page, it will be boring and no one is willing to use this app. The introduction video about this app is at

One reason that I like this project is that it is more interesting than normal data collecting apps. User can exchange their thought for a place, and they can also get reward by collecting data. These functions are motivations that can keep users utilize the app, and scientists can also get the data they want at same time.

Still, this prototype have a long way to go. One potential problem is that the user interface is not good-looking enough even on paper.

In real world, my work will be useful because this will create a win-win situation for both scientists and users. For example, user can check the rate of noise level for one place, and then decide whether they want to go that place or not. For scientists, by obtaining data, they can use their professional knowledge to make some improvement for that place.

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