Developing Website using Framework

Getting started using framework

What is framework ? “Framework is the essentials supporting any structures, it’s easier when you use it so it likes building house without creating brick and some materials first so in programming world — don’t need to build it’s essentials from zero”. In framework it serve any structures, classes, methods and many more. It can be called whenever needed.

Why website ? Well, website is really adaptable to any platform, such as PC, laptop, and smartphone in one package and a server. When I developing website (college project style not company) I’ve been using Java and PHP language, Java is using Java servlets and PHP using native and begin using Laravel Web Framework. Here is few PHP Frameworks List.

Now, I’m introducing Laravel, well, this is only concept about website framework development, it’s freely to choose any framework that you like and don’t forget to read documentation and watch tutorial to know it better. I’m using Laravel Web Framework just because it’s familiar to most website developer and the special features like migrate, seeds, and factories. Migrate is feature to create table by code (not queries) — it very needed when work in a team, so no need to push SQL file into repository. Seeds is feature to insert data into table that migrated first, and factories is feature to generate dummy data and insert into table, and of course it only for testing. The most interesting i’m using this framework, that many operation like generating and viewing data can be execute by console command.

We throw back installation (just because this is only a concept), and here it’s, how it generally works (almost same with CodeIgniter Web Framework).

Laravel Web Framework General Scheme
  1. Model contain name of column, model is generally represent a table on database.
  2. Controller contain method to POST, GET and also MIGRATE operation to manage data and pages, also integrate with database.
  3. Views contain page, layouts, and absolutely for user interfaces.

For more details and want to learn more.

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