💡 Product Digest: Stunning Mockups, Git Explorer, Best for Freelancers and Webflow users, Static Site Boilerplate

Bohdan Vorona
Jan 19 · 1 min read
Flowbase — a curated collection of assets, templates & guides from and for the Webflow community

😎 Hi friends! During the last days, I found several really interesting and useful resources for you. Catch a small digest from me 😉


Using this tool you can create stunning mockups that make your mobile or website design standout, right from your browser quickly & for free.

Git Explorer

Git Explorer is a place to find the right git commands easily. That’s all.

We Freelancing

A curated list of high-quality educational resources, business tools, podcasts, job sites and more for freelancers.

Static Site Boilerplate

Static Site Boilerplate is a free, open-source tool for developers that enables a better workflow for building modern static websites. Automated build processes, a local development server, production minification and optimizations, and the latest standards for static websites.


Flowbase is a curated collection of assets, templates & guides from and for the Webflow community. Easily sort through clone-able products that are usable in your own web projects, or maybe learn something new with a guide.

Have a nice weekend. See you later 🤝

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