Did You Know Maldives Has a 100% Man-Made Island…..and more!

Maldives is a stunning archipelago in Indian Ocean and a tropical paradise for those who lust after some glorious sun and sultry sands! Though, for long Maldives have been considered to be the playground of rich and famous but trust us, there are ways we lesser mortals can have a great holiday in this part of the world. And why not, we are the real travelers!! With an ocean line this magnificent, Maldives has a plenty of water activities to indulge in. But there is more to Maldives- a unique 100% man-made island, island hopping to uninhabited islands (nothing beats this), underwater trip in a submarine and really rich local culture.
For this piece, we collaborated with Maldive Tours, a popular tour operator and agency in Maldives who can fix up just about anything you fancy on your beach holiday to this awesome destination. Here they share their top picks of things to do in Maldives, which will just blow your mind!

1. Drop beneath the waves in a submarine

Want to explore the depths of those sparkling blue waters but diving is not really your thing? Well Maldives is the place where you will get a taste of underwater heaven without the scary part! Yes, divers and non-divers alike will love this alternative way to get underwater and see life under the waves- A SUBMARINE! Docked a short distance from Malé, large windowed ‘whale’ submarine with comfortable seating gives a unique perspective on the local coral reefs. It’s particularly a popular activity in Maldives for children, though adults get just as excited. Submarine is the best way to witness vibrant marine life and underwater landscape of Maldives.

2. Explore the Addu Atoll

Beautiful Addu Atoll located in the southernmost tip of Maldives island groups, is a Divers’ heaven. Here, the underwater world is alive with vast variety of colorful coral which is best in the country. A unique opportunity for bikers to zoom on a modern road linking Gan’s Equator Village resort to the Maldives’ second city of Hithadhoo is again something one would cherish for a long time.

3. Go shopping for local produce

Many resorts offer day trips to islands where you can usually visit local artisans in their workshops and buy some of the beautiful local arts and crafts. Malé also has several markets of fresh and wholesome food produce for those wanting to sample local fare. These visits are a great way to observe local lifestyle and those tiny villages on the tiny islands are the best way to do so!

4. Learn how to windsurf

And there is more to Maldives……more blues and more lush- Beautiful marine life, island hopping and much much more. Get the entire byte on http://www.bohotraveller.com/blog-global/maldives-destination-guide !!