Average Day

“How are you today, Mr. Smith.” The male nurse said as he walking into the room. “It’s me, Tom. I’m back on day shift.”

“Oh, good more mindless chatter about how the Yankees are the greatest team in the American League.” Mr. Smith replied.

“Did you see the Yankees spank the Redsox last night?”

“I don’t care.”

“John, It was an epic beating, 9 to 2.” Tom busied himself with taking readings on John Smith’s vital signs, and cleaning up the room. “It looks like they have already taken care of breakfast. What would you like for lunch today? Egg salad sandwich?”

“I hate egg.”

“I’ll be back in a couple of hours. If you need anything, just ring the ‘nurse’ button. Ha.” Tom left the door open to the hall were sounds of the usual hospital happenings drifted into John’s room. The doctors and nurses were going about their day; the house keeping staff were cleaning; the sounds of monitors beeping, dinging, and buzzing, drifted into John’s room.

A doctor entered John’s room followed by five doctors in training, “Here is John. Your average heart attack victim. How are you today John? It looks like your vitals are good.”

“Take your circus and move on doctor hurts me.”

“Well not much change here. Let move along and finish our rounds. I have a lunch date I don’t want to be late for.”

The group left John to himself, and his thoughts. And the thought were interrupted by the cleaning lady. A Mexican lady who speaks little and broken english.

“Good morning, Mr. Smith. Why are jyou not watching the TV. Here I put something nice on for jyou.” She proceeded to turn on the TV and find a judge show were once best friends were now sue in each other for the returning of each others borrowed clothing. She then found a stool and avoided doing any cleaning work to watch how the case turned out.

“Will you take your wet back self to some other room to watch this trash.”

“Mr. Smith here is the best part I like the most. The lady judge is going to tell the two girls how to fix themselves.” She pointed to the TV like a little girl points to a dress she must have for Christmas.

“Someone shot me.”

After 15 minutes of minor cleaning and major TV watch, she left.

“Finally, a lone again.”

Tom returned for the 12 o’clock vital readings. Mumbled something about some date with a blonde haired bimbo he had coming up tonight and disturbed Mr. Smith again.

“Just leave and don’t you dare tell me how the date went, you thick skulled neanderthal.”

The day drug on, just like the last one, and just like the one that would come tomorrow. John watched the shadows crawl across the ceiling. And he knew when the clock turned 4 pm. Today was Tuesday. She would be here soon. How John like Tuesday afternoons. It was the day Mrs. Tina Smith would visit. And every Tuesday John would beg to be let free.

Just like clock work at 4:15 Tina was at John’s doorway.

“Hi John.” She entered the room and picked up some odds and ends, always cleaning. She still wore here dinners uniform. “How have you been. Jimmy’s doing good in school. He is convinced that someday he will be doctor, or a fighter pilot, or a fireman. He will be turning 8 soon. Going into 3ed grade soon.”

“I miss you so much T. Just sit and let me be with you.”

“Mrs. Smith.” The doctor was at the door, “May I have a word with you.”

“Dr. Thompson, Hi. How is John doing.”

“I’m doing terrible.”

“He is doing well. See his vitals are stable and good. We have done some more blood work.”

Tina got visibly excited, “Can he come home?”

“No. I can’t. Look over there the plug in the wall just pull it out and let me die.”

“Mrs. Smith,” Dr. Thompson stalled for time as he moved into the room and get a better look at the monitors hooked up to John. “Although his body is working fine, we can’t detect any identifiable brain activity. In my professional opinion, he just isn’t in there anymore.”

“Dr. Thompson, I know that you have been to school and everything, but I can feel that he is still here.”

“I am here, and it is killing me. Just let me go. Walk over there and let me go.”

“Dr. Thompson, I want to keep hope that someday soon John will be going home with me.”

The doctor and Tina left the room, just like every other Tuesday. Tomorrow would be Wednesday followed by Thursday. And the days would continue just like they have for the last 4 years.

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