Fiji Style

If you have accidently stumbled upon greatness, then you will know what it was like when I took a bite of my very first creamy green tea cheesecake. That is what happened when I waltzed into Fiji Sushi located in china town part of Seattle Washington.

Fiji Sushi

This Japanese style restaurant looks like any other sushi joint you walk into. It is not until you taste the food that you know that this place is special. It started with the best miso soup I have ever had in my entire life. Granted that is only 23 years’ worth of miso soup, but trust me when I say if you eat here you will not regret it! I ordered the lunch bento special that comes with miso soup, rice, salad, two pieces California Roll, and any two entree items for $11.99. They were busy when I went there, but it was worth the wait. The meal ended with my first ever creamy green tea cheesecake, or what I like to call a small bite of heaven. I subbed the two-piece California Roll for an avocado roll, which I enjoyed. If you do not mind waiting a hot minute for your food, then I highly recommend going off the normal path to try this restaurant the next time you are in Seattle Washington.

Written by Tate Glasgow and Joanna Lawler

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