Thai Food, Anyone?

Do you just love eating food? Before I go explore a new place in a different city, state, or country the thing I am most excited about is the food that I will eat. What gem will I find that will change my taste buds for the rest of my life. Food is thought, food is life changing, and food is necessary. Some of my best memories and conversations came from a time when food was present. I have not traveled outside of the good old United States very often, but I am planning on going to Thailand within the next five months. To be able to eat real authentic Thai food is a dream of mine. The first time I thought about going to Thailand was the first time I discovered Pad Thai. Among some of the best Pad Thai, I have eaten, is from a little restaurant located in Meridian Idaho called Thai Basil. For those of you who do not know what Pad Thai is I will skip the process of how to make it because I have no idea! All I do know is that it is a dish with these wide rice noodles with a slap of basil, cilantro, bean sprouts, side of lime, peanuts that have surrendered and been crushed, stir fried eggs, and everything tangy in the world. I first noticed this restaurant because it is conveniently located next to Krispy Kreme. The service I received at this restaurant was very friendly and the food was even better. The price is reasonable, especially at lunchtime. If you do not like spicy food, (I can’t imagine who wouldn’t) then this is one of the few Thai restaurants that will ask you how spicy you want it low-medium-or high. If you enjoy strong flavorful food, with a kick, then you will want to check this place out! I recommend the Pad Thai.

Eat it. Like it. Share it.

Written by 
Tate Glasgow & Joanna Lawler