The beginning of a journey… 365 days of food!

You might be asking yourself, why am I reading this? That’s a good question considering the lack of experience and knowledge we have of the food industry and culture in general. But that is all about to change. One thing I can promise is that this will be a journey a long, mildly expensive, journey. We are young millennials, we have full-time jobs (shocking right?), and we love the taste of great food. So today we decided to embark on this mission, 365 days of food.

This blog will outline the food we try each day and the restaurants in which we eat. These blogs will include local restaurants, national food chains, coffee shops, and anything else that serves a nice warm (or cold) meal.

We will post every day starting on August 30, 2017, until August 29, 2018. We appreciate you following us on this journey and look forward to sharing what we’ve learned along the way. If you have recommendations or would like us to visit a restaurant in your neck of the woods, please feel free to shoot us a message or comment on the blog below.

Thanks for joining us for 365 days of food.

Written by 
Tate Glasgow & Joanna Lawler

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