The best restaurant in the history of the universe!

Everyone has their vice. Some of you may completely disagree with the statement in the title but honestly, I don’t care. Sometimes a restaurant comes around that completely changes the way you think about food, drinks, and service. These places are rare but when you find one you won’t soon forget where it is.

Copper River in Hillsboro, Oregon is by far the best restaurant in the Northwest. I would say it is the best place in the universe, but I guess you can say I am a little biased. Personally, I have never seen a more diverse menu of food and drinks. Do you want a burger? Go for it! Do you want fresh Salmon? You can have that too! Do you want donuts? Sure why not!

So many options but what is that best thing to eat?

Let me in on a little secret… The best thing on the menu is the weirdest looking thing on the menu. The PB&J Burger. Topped with peanut butter, jalapeno jelly, and a juicy patty it will get your mouth watering. For dessert, I like the donuts with caramel dipping sauce. I wouldn’t say they are healthy for you but who cares they are so good.

I can proudly say I have been to this restaurant close to thirty times and I have never left unsatisfied or disgruntled. The service you receive from the second you arrive is family friendly and second to none.

Next time you are in the area make sure you stop at Copper River for a delicious bite to eat.

Eat it. Like it. Share it.

Written by Tate Glasgow and Joanna Lawler