White Supremacy Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

White Supremacy.

When you read that, did you think of the kkk, skinheads, swastikas and burning crosses? Well you wouldn’t be wrong, but those images are only symbols of white supremacy, not the definition.

#WhiteSupremacyIs simply the promotion of “whiteness” as supreme. Worthy of being the default.

And all of us do it everyday in this country.

Don’t believe me? Read on.

White supremacy is believing that the way a Person of Color’s hair grows out of their head and is neatly maintained, is unfit for school or the workplace and should be treated and altered until it looks similar to the way hair grows out of white heads.

White supremacy is loving a completely made-up, fictional character a little less because they are no longer portrayed as white.

White supremacy is demanding Muslim women remove their hijabs and Muslim men shave their beards upon employment because it violates your “dress code” dictating what a professional should look like, when extremely successful businessmen and women around the globe would disagree.

White supremacy is advising the black quarterback that just won league MVP and played in the Super Bowl that he needs to “behave” more like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or Russell Wilson — the black quarterback who already behaves like Manning and Brady — if he wants to be more “accepted” and “respected.”

White supremacy is telling American born Mexicans who proudly fly the Mexican flag to “show some loyalty or go back to the ‘homeland’ they love so much,” while staying oddly silent when white people — or anyone else for that matter — wear T-Shirts depicting the Union Jack. Which is particularly puzzling considering that England is the country “America” originally rebelled against.

White supremacy is basing your assessment of one’s intelligence on how closely their speech patterns match your own as if an Ebonics, Spanish or any other dialect is inferior just because white people don’t fully understand it. But oh, being able to quote the ancient, and for all intents and purposes, extinct Shakespearean dialect is somehow a mark of the well educated.

I could go on and on, as there are a thousand more examples out there, but simply put…

…White supremacy occurs anytime you ask someone living in America to drop anything that makes them culturally unique and replace it with something that’s more “American” in the interest of becoming “one race.”

The “American” race.

As defined by white people.

So, despite how much it’s advertise that this country is some great melting pot of diversity, being “American” and “professional” has always been code for being as close to white as possible. Because in America whiteness is deemed supreme and everything else fails to “give off the proper appearance of a strong and civilized culture.”

That is what white supremacy means. I hope that somewhat clears things up.

I also hope that you aren’t perpetuating any of that white supremacy.

End the default culture. There is no default.