7 Keys to Sales Success

Which one of these proven keys will you get started with this week?

1. Get serious:

Decide you are going to be the best in your field, company or industry. Then lleft nothing get in your way.

2. Upgrade your inner circle:

Surround yourself with people that are trying to be the top as well. Look at who you hang out with and if they are not going somewhere they might take you with them.

3. Always be selling:

Don’t be a jerk but man tell everyone what you do. You never know what that next person you talk to might be able to do for your career.

4. Become a sale Investigator:

Investigate every prospect, opportunity, and conversation. Question and then question the questions response. Notice I said investigate not interrogate.

5. Date first, propose later:

Quit going for the kill on the first sales meeting. Get to know your prospects. Remember your looking for a marriage with your customers that last for years not a 1 night stand.

6. Don’t offer a solution until you understand the problem:

Stop giving premature presentations. You can’t offer a great solution within the prospects budget and decision process until you know all the pains.

7. Always next step it:

Never leave a conversation without a next step. Call me in two weeks or at the end of the month is not a next step. Get it on the calendar if it’s not on the calendar your and theirs it’s not a next step.

Donnie works with businesses by helping them develop a stronger sales culture. By changing their behaviors in thinking, communicating, and learning, companies learn how to do a better job at selling. Email Donnie at donnie.boivin@sandler.com to learn more about becoming the best sales person you can be or set up a 1:1 Strategy Session with him here.