How To Get Invited Into the Sales Call

A lot of sales people get worked up over a sales conversation. They have it in their heads that the person they are talking to must be “wowed” by their presence. In doing this they become the greasy sales person they fear they are. They are so scared to show vulnerability that they fake this air of cockiness telling people how great they are. At events, on a phone call or other interactions they must tell you how amazing everything is. They won’t get real they just want to impress you into buying.

“If it’s not fun you are doing it wrong.“

Instead of being that person get humbled and have a conversation. Don’t sell them, talk to them, figured out what they need help them discover their pains. Above all remember sales is just a conversation with an outcome.

Help your prospects grow their business by figuring whom they need to meet or what they are looking for. Give first and watch them give in return. Too often we go into a sales call trying to only help ourselves with no thought of helping the prospect.

At the end of the day to get invited in on more sales calls remember the more genuine we are with our prospects the more genuine they will be with us.

“Keep it small-town. Life is more fun when you are surprised to see a friend sitting across the way wherever you are.”