Relax. It’s just a sales call.

It’s always amazing to watch a salesperson start a sales call with some genuine bonding and rapport. They confidently shake your hand, they look you in the eye, and they are successful with small talk. You start to like them and begin to feel a connection and then it happens. They pull a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ act once they start the sales portion of the meeting. They get uncomfortable, fumble their words and nervous energy destroys the call. Too many times, I’ve seen sales people blow the call because they just couldn’t be themselves all the way through the call.

Take a deep breath. It’s just a conversation and it will end. It may end with you helping your new client or it may end with you and your prospect deciding it’s not going to be a good fit. Either way it’s just a conversation. Don’t take it so seriously. You will win some and lose some.

Tips to stay poised

  1. Equal Business Stature: They invited you in and you deserve to be there. Meet them toe-to- toe and meet them on their level. Quit being subservient. They are not your superior or your grandparents. They put their pants on the same way you do — one leg at a time.
  2. Don’t be unjust: Stop using words like ‘just’ (I just wanted to show you. I just want to ask, etc.). It’s like saying “mother may I please have another.” See tip number 1.
  3. Ask questions: Quit presenting all the things you think your prospects want to know and ask them what they are looking for. Get your prospect talking and they will loosen up too.
  4. Go in willing to walk away: Interview your prospects as much as they are interviewing you. You don’t want a client that is not going to be good business for you. If it’s not a fit, walk away.
  5. Fill your pipeline: An empty pipeline is a surefire way to show a prospect that you desperatly need this sale. Fill your pipeline and take the pressure off yourself.
  6. Be confident: When you’re nervous your prospect sees it. If you can’t be confident, fake it. Remember, you always know more than your prospect.

So relax. It’s just a sales call.

Good Selling!