Shall We Begin? — My Greatest Take Away from Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 1

In anticipation of the Game of Thrones Season Premier, I sat on twitter with thousands of people tweeting along as the countdown began.

Tweet: 8 minutes until the show begins how will they expand on its greatness of past seasons.

Tweet: 2 minutes until dun-dun-DUN dun, dun-dun-DUN dun, Dun-nuh-nuuuuuuhhhhh

Tweet: Here we go…

So, I was a little excited. This show has everything I love. Fantasy, triumph, action, achievement. There are so many lessons that can be gleaned from this series. This episode included one of my favorites. If you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading…. (((SPOILER ALERT)))

In the final scene, Daenerys Targaryen (portrayed by Emilia Clarke) has landed in Westeros, more specifically Dragonstone — her ancestral home. No big shocker there. We all knew that that’s where she would head.

Skipping ahead to the final scene, she enters the throne room where a similar throne to the iron throne sits. Now at this point, most of us, like a kid in a candy store, would have run and jumped into the chair yelling “I did it!”. Daenerys is way too driven for that. She walks past the throne room and into the map room. Running her hand along a 3d model of all of Westeros. As she gets to the head of the map table, she looks at her advisors and says, “Shall we begin?”.

The only word out of my mouth was “wow”. Then I thought that is what we are supposed to do in life.

In life, we must focus on a goal, but set milestones along the way. Each milestone achieved gets us closer to reaching our overall goal. Oftentimes people set a goal, but without milestones or smaller goals they can work towards, get to and keep progressing forward. What happens is, when people achieve a milestone, they see it and stop to bask in its glory and then quit moving forward.

Instead, do what Daenerys did. Take two seconds to enjoy the achievement then walk toward the next milestone. Stay focused on the end goal and know that you have more to do. I like to think that Daenerys will succeed at ruling the 7 kingdoms. Once she has done that she will set another goal and when she achieves that she will set another and another and another.

Don’t stop short of the goal. Keep moving towards your milestones. Once you achieve your goal, set another and then milestones along the way.