Find New Readers For Your Book On Instagram

1. Other Authors

Find other author’s accounts. Look for ‘extra’ readers. Extra readers are particulary engaged people. Follow them. When you appear at their notifications, many of them will check you out. Make sure your profile photo and name suggest you’re an author.

For example, if your name is Martin Solveig, make your username something like this: @martinsolveigtheauthor, @martinsolveigwrites, @martinsolveigbooks etc. Or, if your profile is book oriented rather than author oriented, so your name is the title of your book, make it clear that it’s a book. If your book’s title is: “Despacito”, then make your username something like this: @despacitothebook

Readers to engage with (follow, like, comment, message) are: the ones who leave comments and the ones you can find at tagged photos section — that took a photo of the book and tagged the author. They are extra. Those who just like posts or follow — not so much. So focus your effort on these extra people. Because they took sime time to leave a comment, or to take a photo and upload it. They are genuinely invested in books and are your best shot.


Ask people on social media & in your book to take a photo of the book and send it to you so you can post it on Instagram.

3. Follow

Follow any book related account. Different of authors. Publishing companies. Websites and blogs dedicated to books. The more active you are, Instagram will try to connect you with others like you. So follow and like things book lovers follow and like.

4. #bookstagram

Connect with bookstagrammers (#bookstagrammer). They’re people who make beautiful book photography and post it on Instagram. They are accounts followed by other book lovers.

If you get noticed by them and they end up posting your book, now eyes of many book lovers are on your book. You can also pay accounts to do this.

5. Book clubs

Many book clubs that meet up in real world can be found and contacted online. They usually all read the same books and then discuss is together. This is cool because all you need is one person to say yes, to get many more. So contact the group admin. Suggest them your book. If they say yes, the entire group of people will buy it.

You can find them on Google, Facebook groups, Twitter.

But, number one source is:

Here’s how to use

1. Go to

2 Find the category Book Clubs

3. Next to the search bar, click on miles and choose: any distance

4. You’re welcome

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