Effective strategy to learning new programming language

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Learning new programming language at first time is so fun as well as depressed because most of time you will deal with new syntax, methods and rules for that language.

Here I loved to share my best way to learn new language to make your journey in that language very easy and get familiar with that language in short period of time.

Whenever i decide to learn a new programming language i used to follow these five strategies, these are not standards but it helped me to learn wherever i need

  1. First strategy i used to do when i start learning new programming language is to find the best course for that language in any of these learning platforms, Udemy, Udacity, Lynda or Coursera. You might think these kind of courses will charge you a lots of many, yes your right but it deserves it leads you to the right path and helps to structure the topics that you need to start as a beginner. In case you don’t have the fees of the course or you think it’s very expensive you can wait until these companies offers discounts or you can apply for financial aid that available for some of platforms especially in Coursera.
  2. The second strategy is to find the official documentation for that language you decided to learn. here are some of them Ruby, JavaScript, Python and Swift.
  3. Once i got the course and find the official documentation for that language i used to find some of the best you-tubers those are explaining a different concepts and trying to make everything easy those you-tubers are very helpful they are making everything for us and they didn’t ask any charge for they effort just saying hey learn enough to be dangerous
  4. Code challenges here we go. Programmers says that one of the most useful strategy to learn any new programming language is to write programs in that language but to solve problems in that language is very fantastic one of my favorite website to challenge my self is codewars there are other websites like code-forces but the best one is code-wars at least for me.
  5. The last strategy i used to do is to implement new ideas that not exist or given in the courses or videos you i watched from YouTube. This strategy make you life in your own challenges and not just copy & past whatever explained at the course

How to use these strategies effectively. well don’t follow it as a steps mean you have to finish the courses first then read the documentation this way will not pay the results in short of time instead follow it as parallel watch some videos from the course for specific topic then tray to search some videos related to that topics in youtube along with reading the documentation and at night try to challenge your self by solving some kata in codewars this will make you go deeply in the language no problem if you needed to google some some of the functionalities for that language the more kata you solve the more you get familiar with the languages the last thing is to implement some ideas in Reality because you will get more confidence. keep in mind the more you invest your time in learning the more benefits you get. learning always was the best investment for all levels.

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