Skype Crashes Worldwide. Server Issue or a Prank That Went Too Far?


Meet Jim. Jim is a Server Engineer in Microsoft. And Jim successfully crashed Skype for a whole day. But why? We went and talked to Jim so we could uncover what really happened that day, in the server room of Microsoft.

Jim asked to keep his physical appearance a secret

TOR [The Office Report]: Thank you for agreeing on this, Jim.

Jim: Of course.

TOR: So, take us through what really happened.

Jim: Well, It wasn’t intentional, I’ll tell you that. You see, my friend, let’s call him Dwight; Dwight and I, we have a long history of pulling pranks on each other. It’s silly pranks to be honest. One day, I payed an Asian actor to play me. We dressed him like me, we Photoshoped his face over my face in a picture with my girlfriend and all that. It was hilarious. Anyways, Dwight had this job interview, a once in a lifetime interview with Scott Kevin, our CTO. I believe he was in for a huge promotion. Now, they were going to do this via Skype, because obviously Scott’s in Silicon Valley and we were in Luxembourg. So, it had PRANK written all over it.

TOR: So, It was all a prank?

Jim: Of course, I just didn’t think of the consequences. Or the scale of the prank.

TOR: What did you do?

Jim: I pulled the plug. The moment he connected with Scott, I pulled the plug.

TOR: The plug to the Skype Servers?

Jim: What? No! The WIFI router, of course.

TOR: What happened next?

Jim: I connected the WIFI back and Scott was kinda furious that we had a shitty connection. He asked to talk to me and I couldn’t just take the blame. So, I wanted to make it seem like it was his connection. And what did I do?

TOR: You pulled the plug to the Servers?

Jim: No, why you keep insisting I did something like that?

TOR: You said the prank went too far and caused Skype to crash.

Jim: I said that my prank went too far and caused Dwight’ s Skype call to crash.

TOR: So, you didn’t do anything?

Jim: No, we were transferring data. We planned It to happen overnight in the US. Unfortunately, that was during working hours in Europe.

TOR: Oh.

Jim: You want me to finish my story?

TOR: No. Not really.

Jim: Well, this is anticlimactic.

TOR: Yes.

Jim: Can I go now?

TOR: Sure, thank you for you time.

Jim: Thanks for nothing.