Feminism ? (Just questioning myself)

Can we do it ? Like together?

One thing that I find fantastic is my ability to be interested in a wide of subjects. And today I want to write about feminism but not as a preacher or a an opposant but as a young and ignorant human just discovering the tip of a huge iceberg.

But where does my interest come from? Is it my will to save the world ? Not really. The fact that I have to study it for an exam? Maybe. The possibility of being able to have my own understanding of my world and thr way it impacts me and every women I’ve met differently than me? Definitely.

So where do I start from ? I want to say the absurd representation of relationship between men and women as the need to over sexualized every inches of our bodies. For a society raising an eyebrow for a nipple we sure are very inclined to acte (or react) depending on the body we have in front of us.

March 2017

Let’s take some examples from the “real” world, well the world of ads which tries to sell female razors by picturing an already saved leg or convice us that you can have the charisma of an oyster or be as smart as a plant it does not matter : if you smell good women will just bend over and fullfill every of your desire.

Where did we go wrong? Does this woman need to show some cleavage to sell a pair of shoes? Does that muscular guy has to flirt with that girl to make us think that his beverage is good ? Should we rejoice in 2017 that young girls can finally be inspired by a comic book character? Should I worry that my sister, my future wife, my daughter won’t be able to go or wear whatever and wherever they want? And my son won’t be able to talked to a girl without being considered as an horny-barbarian-patriarcal-misogynistic-bastard?

I’m asking if we need this? And my answer is NO. We shouldn’t. We walked on the god damn moon but we are not able to accept the tide of time. I feel like I only scratched the surfaced of an iceberg that some people have not even noticed.