The Client

MProfit is an investment management system for family offices, chartered accountants, financial advisors, and investors. It is a cloud-based application that clients can use on the web, desktop (Windows), and iOS and Android devices.

The Brief

When MProfit launched in 2009, it was a desktop-only software. In 2015, they overhauled their business model and became a cloud-based software with web and mobile applications. …

The Client

The Citizens’ Archive of India uses oral history and material memory to capture India’s cultural legacy. It aims to preserve the link between generations of Indians and build the country’s story through its best storytellers — its people.

Bokaap Design has been working with The Citizens’ Archive of India (CAI) since its inception. We conceptualised and designed their brand identity, their website design, and marketing collaterals, and we worked with them to conceptualise and execute ‘Life As They Knew It: Stories from India’s first citizens’, their first exhibition in November 2019.

The Brand Identity

We conceptualised the logo to be simple, memorable, and…

The Client

Coco Custo is an eco-friendly, natural laundry detergent. It is 100% non-toxic and biodegradable, and it is not tested on animals.

Coco Custo all natural cleaning product
Coco Custo all natural cleaning product
Brand strategy, nomenclature, identity design and packaging design for Coco Custo

The Brief

The brand’s founder, Shaan Lalwani, came to us right at the start — before the brand even had a name. We at Bokaap Design worked with her to create the brand identity — the name, logo, and product packaging. Our goal was to create a brand that:

  • conveys a feeling of calm, clean, and fresh
  • evokes nature and the ocean
  • stands out amongst competitors as a non-toxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable product

“I don’t want this to look like just any…

Branding for a car & bike care product

We’ve been inundated with work from tech-based start-ups. So we were beyond excited to pitch for Schützen India, which provides a range of clean and care automotive products. By the way, Schützen is a German plural noun for a type of military unit of infantrymen.

Working with Schützen was also a boundary pushing, exploring new territories kind of experience; not only did we get to do branding, but we also designed the bottles and labels. (more on this later!)

Raj, the owner of Schützen, comes from specialty chemical background and brought tremendous enthusiasm and product knowledge to the table. …

A cloud-based project coordinator for architecture and interior design firms.

Everyone who runs a business, has experienced the perils of
(mis)communication when dealing with multiple team members. This is especially true for design firms, who engage with not only clients, but also with multiple vendors.

Communication is spread across email, WhatsApp, text message, phone calls, scribbles across notepads and various other channels, thus creating confusion and loss of information.

Effective communication can improve business efficiency.

This is where BuiltBy comes in!

Neesha, who runs an architecture firm, was very clear that she wanted a better way to manage all her projects. …

Our 5-step process provides structure to user interface projects

A successful user interface lets a user complete their goals in the easiest, fastest and happiest way.

A good-looking user interface is a result of a well planned out experience. Only when we take care of the experience — will each screen look and feel right.

Many clients come to us asking…
“How will my app look? Just show us couple of designs first?”

In the interest of time (and client budgets), we have taken this approach a couple times. These short cut approaches have always ended up reinforcing our faith in our not-so-short, but more thought out design process.

STEP 1: Research and inquiry

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