In near future, buying a robot might seem like buying a super efficient human being with no emotions.

So what are we going to do as individuals and goverments when there are far cheaper labour that is readily taking our jobs/livelihood from us??

The need to crowd-source is one of the reason we are still relevant to the corporate world today. What happens when this need ceases to exist?
Need such as this

While many people in many places still face the most basic needs in the world today some are already working day and night to take away their livelihood. More bad news is we are already googling by pictures, by voice, internet of things, machine learning etc and might not be too long before machine catches up on human and his softer skills.

I found the sci-fi series ‘Incorporated’ quite terrifying (the movies scenes are not horrific in the Stephen King’s novels sense) because of its high predictive strength of what can happen to humanity in the rapidly changing ways of doing things.
It paints a vivid picture of how things are going to look in those days.

But Jesus might have come before the days come… 
So relax but think about what you are going to do if God decides it is not time for Jesus to come before the days come.

Bola Ola

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