According to changing time we are comparing our brain with different technology. In previous watch,telephone,calculator and now computer is compared with human brain. But, actually our brain works in its own way rather than all the technologies we’ve invented. We proved we can do our best in tech invention, now we’re moving towards neural network technology and in future we’ll reach in the deep of space technology.

How it’ll feel when we watching the movie we could enjoy the smell of the environment of the scene along with images and sound? Imagine, in a scene of a movie a hero commit an accident, if we could taste the smell of that spot, the smell of burning tire, the smell of broken trees?

Nowadays with virtual reality, one can enjoy the feeling of beach area with cold weather and beautiful waves. Modern technologies are moving towards the next big thing i.e Machine learning, augmented reality, and virtual reality world. Tech world now adopting the ability to personalize a…

Bolaram Paul

Software Developer & Open Web Enthusiastic

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