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Many of us strive to become great at something but the majority end up mediocre. Why is that?

How long does it take to become a master of your craft?

Is talent something you’re born with, or something you acquire through learning?

And what do highly-skilled people do differently from the rest of us mortals?

Before all of these questions, the most fundamental one that you need to answer is what is your craft?

You can spend years practicing and learning something just because of peer pressure and then realize that actually it’s not my thing. …

First, let me tell you a little story.

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Credit: Stephen Leonardi

Once upon a time in a certain village lived a prominent trader. He was wealthy, honorable and a man of repute, and yet he was restless and worried. He could not shed his fears, of failure, of losing, of unknown. He approached his spiritual master and pleaded, “With your grace I have everything yet I am always afraid and worried. Please give me wisdom so that I may be peaceful under all circumstances, no matter what.”

“So, you want to be peaceful under all circumstances?” the guru confirmed.

“Yes, your holiness.”

The master grabbed a piece of sacred bhojapatra (the bark of birch tree), dipped his pen in ink made from vermilion and scribbled something on it. He let the charm dry for a few minutes, folded it and gave it to him. “Here, always keep this with you. Open this only when you feel your worst fear has come…

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Credit Keegan Houser

There are many ways to explain what meditation is and is not.

I’d like to offer you the following one:

Let us consider ourselves as a musical instrument. It might be a guitar, a piano or any other instrument. Every daily act of ours is the sound of that instrument. You may not necessarily hear or see its vibration, but you can feel its presence.

I wonder how you sound? …


Bold -The art of possible

Let the boldness be with you to live, to love, to create, to be yourself —

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