On the Sacred Marriage

Greetings, friends. I am Yeshua.

Have you studied the mysteries of the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine? Their dance goes back to Creation — we won’t dive into the esoterics now, but I want you to know that the Earth Mother and human women are also Creators of Life, sacred beyond all sense. Who could truly believe that a Father in Heaven is the only originator of our lives, if they knew anything of birth? That teaching does not come from me. It is a destructive, patriarchal lie, and it has no place in the Kindom of Heaven.

The great Earth Mother gives life form. It is her sacred solid body into which the shimmering Light of sun and Spirit penetrates, animating and inspiring and more than anything, adoring. The Light of the Father is only half of what generates life — the weaker half, though not less powerful.

For too long the Church that took my name has forgotten, ignored, and taken advantage of Her, the other Source of our lives, just as divine. The time has come for this to end. We must honor the Sacred in earth and in women, and permit them the voice and the respect they deserve. The sun and seed are nothing without the Land. Receptive, vast, profound, nourishing — these qualities are as necessary to our lives as the Light of Awakening.

Women, I encourage you to awaken and explore, with reverence, these divine qualitiesof your being. Many of you have met the Goddess through other spiritual paths, and I am glad of that. She is absolutely necessary to the creation of a new world.

Men, bow down before the women in your life. See their depths for what they are, the sacred origins of life. Honor the mysteries of intuition and connection to the natural world which come more readily to them. And do not ever take mothering for granted.

The origin of Life is the sacred embrace. Divine partnership of the awakened Masculine, serving his Beloved with all of his soul, and the activated Feminine, unfolding herself ever more deeply in response to his love — these two shall know God. These two, together, are God.

I wish to make it known, as well, that these cosmic and archetypal energies express through people in many ways, and the shape of one’s genitals may have little to do with it. Trans, genderqueer, LGBTQ, intersex — all these sacred children of God are most worthy and welcome, as are all loving relationships dedicated to growth, regardless of the gender — or number — of their members. God is love. Please let nothing I have said direct you toward the closing of your heart. I am here to serve its awakening.

For my part, my origins are not what you have heard. I was born into a spiritual community in the Middle East that had prepared for my coming for generations. They practiced high spiritual mastery which allowed my mother to conceive me in Light; I am not the only one, and such is possible in this time too. I am a divine child, born of the merging of God and Goddess — as are you. Everything I did, you also are capable of.

Follow the Light, and follow your pulse. Love as deeply as you can, and then more. These will lead you all the way Home.

I am here, and I love you.