Bold Leads Reviews — James Reviews How BoldLeads Is Boosting His Business (BoldLeads Review)

James Reviews How BoldLeads Is Boosting His Business (BoldLeads Review)

Learn how James is signing new listings and building his business with BoldLeads!

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(James reviews BoldLeads’ software and marketing services.)

What I would say about Bold Leads is that we’ve had a great experience with them. We’ve had a great experience with the leads. We’ve had a great experience with follow-up. We’re very pleased with what we’ve seen thus far and that’s because it works. We have had numerous listings, enough that I’ve lost count. We are coming close to a year that we’ve been working with the leads and now is when they are starting to pay off at a greater dividend. We do have the Bold Leads product in several areas and we have used that to open up other areas for us. If we’ve got new folks that are starting we want to give them a little bit of traction if we know where we’re going to be going, we’ll even start that a little bit early where we focus our main line of business which is Lee Summit. We use surge there because it encompasses our entire area and it puts a little extra oomph and gets us a few more leads.

The very first weekend that we were on this program we had almost 600 click-throughs. We have kind of rolled with that momentum, as far as in other areas where were using what I would consider to be your basic product, we’re still getting great results. We do use the entire follow-up system. We don’t let that be the only follow-up that happens, we want to be on the phone calling them. We want to be emailing them but we absolutely let those funnels and emails follow-up because there’s no greater power for conversion than contact. We hold everything to a high standard and when you’re spending the kind of money that you spend on any kind of lead program you want to make sure that you’re getting a good return for your money. We feel like we’ve gotten a good return for our money or we wouldn’t still be around. It’s worked for us. We’ve tweaked things as we’ve went along but it’s been a great program for us and our team!

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James reviews how BoldLeads is boosting his business (BoldLeads review)

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