How Millennials are shaping the future of work.

5 fun facts about Millennials and Work.

1. Technology is changing the way we work. Millennials believe this will bring more opportunities than risks. They see technology benefiting the wider economy and themselves.

I have a confession.

2. Millennials want to make an impact. They believe that companies have the power to make a difference and regard business as a force for positive social impact.

This is us — making an impact.

3. Millennials want the best of both worlds. Most want the stability a full-time job offer, yet they demand flexibility in work hours.

What she said.

4. Millennials are full of paradoxes. They believe flexibility is a driver for productivity and overall success for a company.

Why does my boss not understand that I’m being really productive right now?

5. They want to grow, even if that means growing out of your company. Millennials are open for new opportunities that meet their needs. If you’re not there to meet them, they are not afraid to take a leap into something new.

So many opportunities, so little time!

Statements are backed up by Deloitte’s Millennial Survey, 2017 .

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