How journalism failed me and how not to let it fail you

This came about as a response to a different Medium post on finding unbiased media sources and supporting local newspapers, but I thought it might be useful on its own.

I’m a failure to the journalistic pursuit; I have a degree in journalism and was a local news reporter for about a year. I didn’t get paid enough to support myself, I was overworked, overstressed, unhealthy and hated my life. The newspaper owner had an alt-right agenda and we would have occasional “must-run” articles on the first page including one editorial that mandated President Bush give a presidential pardon to longtime crooked cronie Edwin Edwards, who was serving a 10 year federal sentence for bribery and extortion. We were a News Paper, not a conservative, right-wing propaganda machine, so that coupled with not being paid enough to survive — I quit.

Not only did I quit that smalltown USA newspaper, but I quit journalism entirely. Now, I write social media comments and articles about craft beer for So, maybe I’m not a failure of journalism, but journalism has definitely failed Me.

I do believe there are journalists and investigators out there doing the real work. Every now and then youll hear some amazing piece in the NYT or Rolling Stone magazine, so it is out there, but informed citizens do need to educate themselves. Not everyone is trained in yhe the subtle communicative nuances journalists often use, which can change the entire scope of something, based on the specific words used. My advice to the non-trained reader — look at every attibute carefully. Read people’s background — know who they are and learn their biases. Navigate cautiously and suspect everything!

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