When Childbirth Feels like Assault
Family Resemblance

I had an episiotomy and have a friend whose doctor does it with every patient. From what I understand it’s better to have a clean cut than a jagged tear. I didn’t havy any complication due to episiotomy; however, due to 4 hour intense back labor, I suffered an umbilical hernia and now live with a partial prolapse from all the pushing. My first birth experience led to a relapse in my ptsd and until this article, I never considered any recourse.

For my current pregnancy, I plan on hiring a doula or a mediator to make sure the hospital complies with my birth plan. I definitly feel like they took advantage of mine and my husband’s ignorance as this was our first rodeo, and we had no expectations of how things would work. Hopefully, with a liaison I’ll have better luck…and that’s all I can hope for, really.

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