Open Your Eyes To Beautiful Skin

Gravity can really take its toll on your skin, as can environmental toxins and lifestyle behaviours. Your skin is a living organ and has a major role to play in the health and wellness of your body. It serves as an interface between your body and the surrounding atmosphere, which means it’s the first contact for pollutants in the environment — from exhaust fumes, heavy metals, smoke and of course, the sun. Botox San Diego can have a fabulous impact on the appearance of your skin, ensuring that fine lines are stopped in their tracks. Another youthful procedure you can have is eyelid surgery San Diego, to get rid of bags under your eyes and the tired-looking effect is has on your visage. Eyelid surgery also removes excess skin from upper eyelids, giving you a brighter, more youthful appearance.

Of course, looking after your skin is essential, starting as young as possible to ensure elasticity and health. But your skin isn’t just about the surface, what you eat, your habits (such as smoking and drinking) and exercising can have a major effect on your skin. Botox San Diego is a quick procedure that can be done on your lunchbreak. Depending on what your needs are, all you need are a few strategically placed injections and you’re good to go. You’ll need to have a ‘top-up’ every three to four months. The way Botox works is that it disrupts the communication between muscles and nerve endings, which makes the muscles relax, so they don’t react to frowning or other facial expressions that can cause deep lines.

With eyelid surgery San Diego, there’s usually no need for a repeat, but upper eyelid surgery can be repeated after five to seven years, although your surgeon will likely recommend a forehead lift instead of another upper eyelid surgery. It’s unusual for it to be necessary for lower eyelid surgery to be done a second time.

If you’re looking to stop time in its tracks, these two procedures are sure-fire remedies. Eyelid surgery San Diego offers both upper and lower eyelid rejuvenation. Removing fatty deposits are addressed as well as droopy eyelid skin. Candidates for eyelid surgery include adults with excess skin located on either the upper lid, lower lid or both; and healthy persons without medical ailments which can impede surgery and/or healing. Note that for those with a detached retina or glaucoma, it’s recommended to be cleared by an ophthalmologist before proceeding.

Botox San Diego is a procedure that’s been performed on millions of men and women around the world. It’s the gold standard for reducing dynamic expression lines like forehead lines, frown lines and crow’s feet.