Tops Discussion Points for Breast Reduction Surgery

When a woman decides upon a breast reduction surgery, it is the beginning of a new stage in her life. Much thought, consideration and research goes into this procedure. Once the official decision has been made to proceed, a number of women have found that they are actually empowered to make particular choices about their body, including how they feel on a day to day basis.

Many who undergo this procedure do so due to discomfort issues such as neck, shoulder and back pain. Following surgery, some may find that many of the ailments that plagued them before the procedure have been alleviated.

Another issue many can attest to how shopping for clothes has changed. Now, locating clothes that are more proportionate with their body frame can be fulfilled. And keeping in shape by way of exercise can now be done with more ease.

While there are benefits to a breast reduction surgery, one of the most important steps a woman can take is to find a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in breast surgery, including San Diego breast reduction surgery. Locating the right surgeon can be done via doctor referral, friend referral or online research. The more research one does, the better.

Once a surgeon is located, it is encouraged that a woman do her online sleuthing in terms of patient reviews as well as visiting the surgeon’s website to learn more about them as well as their medical staff. Also available are online photo galleries which can be reviewed.

At a consultation, a highly qualified plastic surgeon will want clear communication with the patient including why they are seeking a breast reduction surgery. Once a doctor determines if a patient is a good candidate, they will explain the procedure in its entirety as well as expressing what technique would be best for the patient.

This communication helps the patient considerably by allowing them to ask additional questions as well as learning more about the recovery process so she can make plans ahead of time. A woman is afforded a clearer picture of the surgical journey.

For example, a woman will be better prepared if by chance she feels breast numbness following surgery. She’ll understand beforehand that this is a rather standard reaction due to the surgery. Generally, this sensation does dissipate with time, and the patient can gauge her own body as the weeks move on.

It’s also recommended that she have her own questions written down ahead of time, as well. This will give her a better sense of a surgeon’s expertise as well as determining whether or not she has established a good professional rapport.

During the consultation, preoperative appointment, and postoperative visits, the surgeon will touch upon a patient’s recovery guidelines. Examples of this include modified tasks and when to return back to one’s normal daily routine. These guidelines are incredibly important to follow as it will help immensely in the recovery process.

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