Nowadays, Google is everywhere. The term ‘to google’, is an actual dictionary entry, meaning “search for information about (someone or something) on the Internet using the search engine Google.”

Trust me, I Googled it.

Every piece of information that a person may be interested in can be accessed by the omniscient and omnipotent tool known as Google. Long gone are the days of textbook research, digging deep in the dusty archives for hours upon hours, stumbling upon hidden gems and finding unexpected leads. We now have the universe of research in our pockets, answers in milliseconds and no need to become stuck too far into anything we do. People all over the world are continually using the Internet and Google for more of their tasks and relying on traditional methods less. …

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The average American worker now spends $89 a month for health insurance premiums, and will have to pay roughly $1,318 from their own pockets before providers will start to cover costs (Money, Sept 2015). More startups are trying to change this by redefining the setup from the inside, while others are trying to reduce costs by handing over more control to the patients when it comes to their healthcare.

Take a look at these promising startups that may just change the way we view healthcare in the future:

Better Connection, Better Care from ‘E-Medicus’

Cloud-based eHealth company, E-Medicus aims to change the way information is shared in the medical world by creating cluster data streams which can be accessed by healthcare sectors across the globe. So far the company has managed to achieve this in their home country, Switzerland, after a pilot proved the concept to be a success. The solution can be easily implemented on an international scale by using IHE (a system that enables seamless access to health information), and result in higher standards of care for patients and significant cost savings for healthcare and research institutions. …

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Recently, I was preparing for bed when I received a call about a man with breathing difficulties. Shaking off my weariness, I dashed out of the house, jumped on my Ambucycle and raced to the scene, arriving in less than 3 minutes! I found a panicked family beside their 65 year-old father who was sitting on his salon chair breathing very laboriously. Quickly, I administered high-flow oxygen and took vital signs. I calmed down the man and his family, assuring them that he would be well taken care off. …

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Cyber security- almost sends shivers down your spine, doesn’t it? Cyber malware, stalking, hacking, and viruses affect virtually everyone with an internet connection. Whether you’re a big business or a lone surfer, cyber security is a huge deal when it comes to browsing the World Wide Web. Due to cyber-villains being allowed to use the internet, security is always a risk and these cyber security startups were sick of it!

Today we’re looking at three tech startups that are taking the touchy subject of cyber security to a whole new level by offering malware education, e-mail encryption, and teaching companies why they should stop stealing info from their consumers.

Read more here.

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Since its initial release in 2011, Snapchat has quickly risen to the top as one of the most popular social apps among Millennials. The mobile app reached an estimated value of $19 billion as of early 2016, making it the third most valuable tech startup that does not trade publicly.

So what’s all the commotion over another silly mobile app that allows teenagers to send videos and photos with their friends?

Up, Close, and Personal

Posting on Facebook or Instagram broadcasts pictures and videos to anyone and everyone. Millennials don’t need their parents or coworkers to see everything. With Snapchat, users can share a moment with chosen friends exclusively and privately, providing a much more personal experience. …

The healthcare industry is one that is always growing and always changing. It’s also one that all of us should be following since one day or another our lives will depend on it. The introduction of new technology each year is creating all sorts of new opportunities in the world of healthcare and these are three startups that you are going to want to keep your eye on.

Let’s see how that goes.

I’m pretty fascinated about being able to write so easily from my phone.

Till now, I used to write on my WordPress blog:

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So, I am considering also publishing my blog posts here. What do you think about this? Alternatively, I can write here more about the behind the scenes of my blog.

As of now, have a great week. 😀


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