Thank you Christ Child Academy

To the Principal, Faculty, and Students,

Greetings from the Philippines! We are so glad to be writing to you about how your amazing efforts and support have gone so far to help here in the Philippines. We are humbled and so grateful to you all! The “loose change” that you raised from your coin war has paid for half of a house to be built!

Here in our community of Sagay, Camiguin there is the Japona family who was recently struck by a disastrous fire that completely leveled there home! Imagine the difficulty of being poor but then to have your home and the little belongings you do have destroyed.

Our priest here, Fr. Joe, has helped to organize the community to come together to help them put there lives back together by helping to give them a new home. Through the efforts of the Church and your help financially they where able to raise the necessary moneys to build them a home. Thank you so much for supporting our family and the work God is doing here in the Philippines.

When we received word that you had raised around $500 we where shocked. Every amount of money helps here but especially large ones such as yours. The next day our family and the other four single missionaries here had a meeting with Fr. Joe. At the meeting one topic was the need for 20,000 Pesos or $500.00 US dollars to help with building materials for the Japona Family who had recently lost there house to a fire. WOW! God provided that amount of money right when it was needed! It is so amazing to see how God works!

Joseph and Julieta Japona have four children. They have been living with a neighbor for the past couple months. They are so excited and grateful for their new house being built. When we went to visit them, they gifted us with about 7 kilos of rice. The Japona family is very poor and we knew what an offering this is for them. You might ask how could we, the Bolle family, accept this gift from such a poor family when many Filipinos hardly have enough food to put on their own table. We have learned that it would offend the Japona family very much if we would not accept this gift. They give with much love and joy. So we accept all gifts with a huge smile knowing this may be all they have to give.

Thank you all so much for joining in becoming missionaries with us. We can’t express enough how grateful we and the Japona family are. Please pray for the Japona family along with our family as we continue to try and say yes to God’s will every day. Especially, keep us in prayer as our children are getting ready to start school, which only speaks Visayan. May God pour out his graces on you for your generous hearts.

In Christ,
Luke and Amy Bolle and Family

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