Special student freelancing platform with revolutionary technology

Full support system block chain owned by a decentralized online job platform for students. BitJob is currently in the process of development as a platform that will revolutionize the way students in getting the money though is undergoing a period of his education at the University or college. 
It’s not just money that is obtained by students when it merged with BitJob but is also a very valuable experience because it is relevant to creativity or ability that is owned by the student. The student will be connected temporarily with the entrepreneurs in a short-term job. Along with it, students can enrich their capability that resume in line kept honed from experience working together with people who are professionals. 
The birth of BitJob is because awareness of the challenges that are often faced by students of the economic problem, namely when the educated and lack of work experience when they graduate from college or university. 
With it, then the BitJob trying to overcome the problems that often faced by students and allow them to work and earn an income even though it is being pursued a degree.
BitJob use and deploy technology Block Chain in the global student community. Blockchain technology owned by BitJob is a technology that has the potential to overcome and disruptive all disallowed. However, as a society we have to understand that the technology it needs intelligent consumer education. 
Compatible tokens such as ERC 20 ethereum network built on will be used by BitJob. This token will be called Token STU used to means of payment from employers or search services to a student when the student has completed its work.
BitJob is a platform that will be freelancing with hybrid consists of two architectural paradigms that is centralized client server architecture which is an architecture that is often used in many applications online and decentralized version architectur client server which uses a very revolutionary blockchain technology. With it also then BitJob revolutionized the way students earn money and gain experience that is relevant and tailored to the student’s field of interest when still learning. 
BitJob this is a platform that is highly recommended and priority for students in getting a part-time job. 
The simplicity and benefits of BitJob platform will be obtained by entrepreneurs or a searcher find Freelancer services that match the needs of the company and has special skills.
Schedule of BitJob is currently the pre-sale announcements and pre-ICO will be implemented by September 2017 with a maximum number of 100 million is STU token.
No need to hesitate with BitJob because BitJob has a team of highly reliable and professional with a range of special skills like team developers, developers, developers of particular specialists, legal experts, consultants, Community Manager and more.
Decentralized platform for jobs online short term with the support of Cryptography. In BitJob STU is a means of payment that will be bought and sold using real money. All contributors to any eligible to receive STU Tokens by participating in a campaign that has been planned in September 2017 i.e. Crowdfund campaign.

Website: https://bitjob.io/
Official ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1980078.0
Whitepaper: https://bitjob.io/#whitepaper
Join Telegram: https://t.me/bitjob
Join Slack: https://bit-job.herokuapp.com/