Like Begets Like

All of the sexual abuse cases being divulged in our society today are a microcosmic reflection of the masculine energy that has gone berserk on the macro (earth) level. It is the same dynamic as the XL pipeline — itself a big, toxic penis. The CEO, the Hollywood director or producer, the star actor, the President grabbing pussies makes perfect sense when seen in this larger context. Of course it’s happening; how could it not be? And so the popular discussion at this moment of cultural awakening should not only be about punishing the perpetrators but about remembering how to heal, how to honor the sacred feminine.

Nobody wants to have this deeper discussion because it implicates us all (even women) in the collective rape of the planet — our life source — on a daily basis through our mindless, greed-based way of life. One way to begin re-honoring the sacred feminine is to acknowledge the loss she has suffered and the pain she is experiencing, and I propose we do this via prolonged, conscious grieving. This cultivated awareness will spark our innate sense of compassion, which in turn will manifest in our wanting — needing — to protect our mothers and sisters and daughters, since without them we are nothing. Men, by the way, know this in our hearts and want more than anything to be strong in the right way.

Perhaps we could benefit from a national moratorium on “growth”, say one full year — one cycle of seasons, during which we shut down the economy, the war machine, the vehicles, the screens, and learn again how to live independently and honestly, within our means and by respecting the limits of our natural resources. A fantasy, I know, but don’t tell me we couldn’t afford it; the ongoing war in Afghanistan, over the last seventeen years, has cost us one trillion dollars. It appears we lack the political will to self-correct, as we are much too attached to our illusions of comfort, power and wealth. But at the very least, every one of us can offer up a minute (sixty seconds) and stop to consider: everything is connected; nothing in nature occurs in a vacuum. The solution isn’t in addressing the symptoms of the problem; the solution isn’t to isolate and attack the bad guys and throw rocks at them because they are sick.

Instead, let us ask, “Why are they so sick? How did they get this way?” After all, those men are our brothers, and we need them; we need them to be well. All the attack strategy does is create more victims. I’d like to think there are still some heroes. Our children need us to teach them how to respect the earth, how not to disregard the womb, and how to share the space. But if we adults can’t even begin to do it, then they will not believe a word we say.

This is a time for active choice. There is another way. It’s up to us. If we keep living how we’re living, then we’ll keep getting what we’re getting. We can embrace this simple principle (all 7.5 billion of us) and allow it to guide us out of prejudice and hate, or we can continue to reap what we have sown, and these current news stories — and even the worse ones in other parts of the world — will in hindsight seem tame.