'Billionaire Playboy', spends 6 to 12 lakh rupees every evening

Bastian and Maria Yotta from Germany are quite popular on Instagram because of their luxurious lifestyle. Bastian is also known as the billionaire Playboy. There was a time when both of them didn’t have money and were very fat due to which they didn’t use to get any girl’s attention.

Bastian, who spent over 67 lakhs in a month, said that neighbors were jealous of his lifestyle, due to which he left Germany and came to live in Los Angeles’s Beverly Hills. He says, “actually, I used to see ‘Baywatch’ in my childhood, since then I adored Los Angeles. I like beaches and beautiful girls here. Now I am planning to make my own Baywatch for which I have a girl hotter than Pamela Anderson”.

Bastian and Maria met in a restaurant in Munich 3 years ago. Then, Maria was 27 years old while Bastian was 35. Maria left her studies six months after meeting Bastian and started living with him for which she was paid. Maria says she is very fond of Bastian’s body and smile. He is very honest and humourous and spent a lot of mney on her so that she could look fit.

Bastian says that he spends 6 to 12 lakh rupees every evening and never cared about it. He said, “I am also quite passionate about cars. I have a Lamborghini Accentor worth Rs 2 crore 66 lakh, along with many other cars including Bentley Continental Sport Car”. The house in which Bastion has shifted in Los Angeles costs rent of about Rs 7 lakh per month. Bastian told us that many people suggest me to go for holiday after looking at my lifestyle but for me everyday is a holiday.

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