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Bololex exchange completed its very fist #AMA session by partnering with one of the most demanded coins — LanaCoin!
The reward fund was 500,000 $LANA which has already been distributed among 10 winners, who have been chosen based on how interesting and insightful their questions were.

If you have missed our #AMA session, you can still learn about the #LANA project as we have summarized the Q&A session especially for you!

Question and Answers Recap

Q1: The crypto world is becoming overcrowded with blockchain projects and tokens, But you have so many competitors, What are you doing to make LANA project ecosystem truly unique?

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Bololex exchange never disappoints! We strive to outdo ourselves and provide the most convenient, engaging and beneficial features for our users. In just three months, we have increased our user base to 25,000 by enlarging our loyal and supportive community.
To double and even triple that number, our team works deliberately to continuously offer new features and surprise the users. And now, already a month after our release of the “Airdrop Wheel”, we are bringing you a new game called “BoloBoom”.

What is that about you might ask? Well, another unique game just for you!

What is “Boloboom” ?

We all remember us struggling and trying to win in an old Windows “Minesweeper” game. Well…with BoloBoom you actually win. Now, you can play our new unique mining game using energy and winning BOLO instead. …

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Bololex team works hard to maintain fast, fair, and most importantly secure voting. For this reason, we have strengthened Bololex Voting security and added additional conditions.
As you know, each user can vote once a day, without completing a trade. To vote more, the user should have done a trade of any value in the past 30 days. Now, on top of that, the user should verify its identity through Telegram. To do so:

🔺 Firstly, join our Telegram community at
🔺 Login to your Bololex account
🔺 Go to profile
🔺 Click on the “Verification” tab
🔺 Click on the “Login with Telegram” button
🔺 Enter your phone number and click on “Next”
🔺 You will receive a notification via Telegram
🔺 Go to your Telegram account and click on “Confirm”
🔺 Then click on “Accept” in the opened window in your Bololex account
🔺 You will receive another notification from Telegram for successful…

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