The stigma of breeders

In the short time since I started breeding the Bolonka I have experienced all sort of things.

Sadly, due to the puppy mills and PETA, breeders have a bad name. Yes I do agree not all breeders are good and in it for the right reasons. There is always good and bad in everything.

I have had liars, people bashing me, scams, and just out right ignorant people contact me. Yes, I breed my dogs, but yes I love them and care for them.

I did not realize how many people are so closed minded about breeders till I started. It is automatically assumed that all breeders are puppy mills and in it for the money. That is completely false. The only time my dogs see a cage is when they have a litter of puppies. The puppies stay in a play pen till they are ready for their furever home. Even then they come out and play with all the big dogs during the day.

In my experience even shelters make it impossible for people to adopt at times. A lady I have contact with had issues with their application because she was retired and didn’t have a work number. Really?

I agree there are too many animals in shelters but that is not the fault of a good reputable breeder. If there is a contract, typically it will state if for any reason the person can return the dog to the breeder if they cannot take care of it anymore.

My dogs are loved and spoiled rotten. Don’t assume all breeders are bad when they aren’t.