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In the previous post, we’ve discussed how to write and deploy a smart contract on the Orbs Network. This part will be devoted to writing a front-end application, and interaction with the contract via orbs-client-sdk in JavaScript.

Scaffolding the app

For a quick and easy start-up, we will use React and the create-react-app to generate a new application.

Our application will contain only 3 components:

  • App — Higher-order component which will contain the state and the business login of our application
  • Messages — Presentational component that will render list of messages, and
  • MessageInput — Presentational component with </textarea> for composing a new message.

We would also need orbs-client-sdk to communicate with Orbs. It's an SDK that provides basic functionality like creating an account, querying and sending transactions, etc. …

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Last week in the Tel Aviv offices, Orbs’ core team conducted its very first Hackathon! Within just two days of brainstorming, coding and eating junk, the teams developed the very first real-use apps on the Orbs network.

Aside from the obvious value derived from the new apps themselves, the goal of the hackathon was to put the network to real-world usage tests. What’s a better way to know how to improve the network than to use it ourselves? After all, if it’s not good enough for the core team, it’s not good enough for the general community of developers.

First, Orbs engineers met up to brainstorm logistics and use-cases they wanted to explore. After the session which resulted in 16 well-rounded ideas), and a celebratory breakfast, they split up into teams and got to work on a full belly. After 48 hours, the developers were asked to stop coding and gather in a showroom to present their projects to a panel of judges. …


Sergey Bolshchikov

I build 51% and break 49% of things. VP R&D @ Swiftt. Co-founder of @YGLFConf

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